Title of the document … Vibrate, Sing… Listen, Talk… Shout, Play… Feel, Resonate… Compose, Thrill… Palpiter, Résonner… Composer, Frémir…

Blanktone studios

Blanktone Studios is your partner of choice when it comes to creating a unique sound color. We compose original music scores and create sound design to make your story more immersive and powerful.


From electronic music to orchestral scores, our composers create the music your project needs.


From stereo to multichannel mixing, immersion is at your fingertips.

Sound Design

We create and record foley, sound design and SFX to make the visual more immersive.

Audio Integration

We take care of the sound integration with FMOD, Wwise and even the game code. Our team ensures that you have the best soundtrack possible until the final export.

Our latest works

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Short & feature film / Animation / Documentary / Live action


Virtual Reality / Augmented & Hybrid reality / Softwares & apps


Commercials / TV series / TV shows


Dance / Musicals / Theater / Sound & light show / Live event

Interactive Media

Video game / Escape Game / Comic and audio book / VR


Podcast / Jingle / Talk shows / Voice recording

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